Lightweight construction and high performance made of fibre composites

First COMPOSITES GmbH offers you a comprehensive service. We advise you when it comes to the selection of a suitable manufacturing process for your product idea.

We are also happy to offer you product development - from your idea to the finished product. With us, you get everything under one roof.

Development & construction

Development & construction of special components, prototypes, structural components, and assemblies

At the beginning, there is your idea. Often, we are already involved in the development and conception phase of the respective project with our customers. We support you right from the start when it comes to the development and selection of a suitable manufacturing process for your future product.

Fibre composite materials offer a variety of design and processing options. Our employees with their many years of experience are your development partners and support you in the development of particularly light and high-strength special components - this applies to prototype and sample construction as well as to series production.

The result for you: a high-quality product at low manufacturing costs.

Overview of services

  • Project management  
  • Design processing 
  • Designing and development of:
    • Structural components and assemblies    
    • Plastic components 
    • Karosserien
    • Car bodyworks
  • Tool engineering
  • Material-specific designing
  • Calculation and strength analysis
  • Component optimisation
  • Lightweight construction


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