Model and prototype design from fibre composite materials

From a freehand clay model through drawing to the CNC-machined model contour as per 3D-CAD data, First COMPOSITES GmbH offers its customers all options for model construction.

Rapid prototyping procedures are used if a functional model is to be created at short notice.

Model and prototype design from fibre composite materials

Overview of services


  • Design 
  • Clay model manufacturing 
  • Foam models
  • Hard models
  • Prototypes of all kind 
  • Sectional models
  • Vehicle models up to the scale of 1:1 
  • Show models 
  • Negative Tools
  • Gauge construction
  • Foundry model making
  • Surface measurement

Modifikation Ferrari 308

For a customer from the motorsport sector, we modified the body based on a historical model and partially reproduced it true to the original.

Since we had neither drawings nor construction data for this task, the models were created in scale 1 to 1 in clay on the vehicle, and only with the help of photos and illustrations from different perspectives.

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