Design & development

First COMPOSITES GmbH offers a comprehensive service to its customers. We are often even involved in the conception phase of the respective project. Thus, the component geometry can be optimised in good time, thereby facilitating a favourable and material-specific design.

The result: a high-quality product at reasonable manufacturing costs.

Overview of services:

  • Project management
  • Design processing
  • Designing and development of:
    • Structural components and assemblies
    • Plastic components
    • Car bodies
  • Tool engineering

  • Material-specific designing

  • Calculation and strength analysis

  • Component optimisation

  • Lightweight construction

Modelling and prototyping

From a freehand clay model through drawing to the CNC-machined model contour as per 3D-CAD data, First COMPOSITES GmbH offers its customers all options for model construction.

Rapid prototyping procedures are used if a functional model is to be created at short notice.

Overview of services:

  • Design

  • Clay model manufacturing

  • Foam models

  • Hard models

  • Prototypes of all art

  • Sectional models

  • Vehicle models up to the scale of 1:1

  • Show models

  • Female Tools

  • Gauge construction

  • Foundry model making

  • Surface measurement